Painting Party

After my day job (that I am in no way giving up), I teach painting parties. Don’t freak out! They are very step-by-step and I guarantee you, your friends and family will have fun. You do not need to have any painting experience or be an artist in anyway, this is just about a having a fun night with your friends. All you need is enthusiasm and a smile!

Created on a 12×16 canvas with acrylic paint, I provide all the supplies. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm. Prices range from $25 for in home parties, to $35 at a bar or restaurant. And, talking of bars and restaurants, one of my favourite places to go downtown Kenosha is The Buzz. It’s beautiful – have you been there? If not, go. now. See it’s loveliness, buy a coffee or a panini or stand in awe at the poofs or wine selection, whichever you prefer. Then, come back to your laptop and sign up for the painting party that I’m going to be teaching there soon! Like this one … right here …

Van Goghs into Fall

Payment needs to be received in order to secure your reservations so please complete the form. If paying online makes you a little nervous or you don’t have a PayPal account, then email me through the contact form here on my website and we can make alternative arrangements.

Sorry, sign up for the class has closed. Next time!

If you have an idea for a painting you’d like to do, I can create something for you. Contact me through here to ask for more information and set up a party! Or, go to my Facebook page

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