You wait for a bus all summer, then suddenly ……

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OK, so I haven’t waited for a bus since I worked at my first job at an Advertising agency after I left college. And, not once did more than one turn up. But, you know the saying, ‘and then loads turn up’, or something. Anyway … point is, I didn’t have a whole lot of Freelance work coming in this past summer and things were getting a little tight. That’s the problem with freelancing. The inconsistent work load. Not really being sure when my next project was coming from, I decided to look for something part-time. There’s a Paint Pub near where I live, where they hold painting ‘parties’, and, well, to cut a long story short, I am now a part-time instructor there! 🙂 I’ve only done two classes so far – and only instructed one, but it’s great! It’s going to be a fun job. My accent both confuses and delights (American’s love the British accent, one man even asked me to say ‘Re-calculating’. took me a minute to figure that one out). Anyway, it’s regular income, so that’s always nice. I basically talk people through producing a painting step by step. Yes, there’s a bar … what could go wrong?! I’m very excited to have work colleagues again, and have already brought up the prospect of having a Christmas Party. Office Christmas Parties are a bit rubbish when you work for yourself at home. And I don’t have a photocopier. (Do people even do that anymore? Has it turned into Instagraming your posterior? At least it’d have that nice vintage look.)

So, yeah … um … tangent …So, of course, the day I get that job, I get illustration work flooding in! Ha! I have a new Children’s book – The Jolly Dodgers, published by Red Robin Books, and a bunch of Educational stuff for Macmillan Publishing. The roughs are in progress for the Pirate book, and I’m having fun doing that. So, yeah, lots of buses!

So, here’s a couple of things I did before stuff got nuts!

Big old acrylic painting of trees.

Big old acrylic painting of trees.

Sketch of cartoon for a Stand up comedian friend.

Cartoon for a Stand up comedian friend.


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