Feeling Stoopid

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When I was a young Heavy Metal Rock Chick (which mainly involved getting perms and wearing as much jewellery as possible in the evenings and at weekends, as the Catholic High school I attending would not permit such adornment), I spent most of my Babysitting money on buying hairspray, required humongous earrings (clip-on, of course), and music. One of the vinyl singles I bought was Alice Cooper’s ‘Hey Stoopid’. While creating this Blog I found that particular line going round and round in my head. The whole thing has been a  learning process, I can tell ya! With no clue about CSS or any of that technical Blog, web talk, things were disappearing off my pages faster than David Copperfield can erase the Great Wall of China. Only to appear again later, upside down and inside out. Anyway, after standing in the ‘Web design’ section of the book shop, feeling all intelligent … I bought two books. Then, returned them both because I couldn’t understand what they said. There ought to be a book out there called ‘How to buy the correct book for your needs and level of understanding, for Dummies.’  Gap in the market, right there, that is.

Anyway, with the help of very patient people who actually know what they are doing, things have finally come together. It’s not totally finished. I still need to upload the rest of my Portfolio and CV/Resume (conflicted about whether or not to put the accents on the e’s there, but figured I cause enough confusion with my own accent without throwing a French accent in there too). So, soon, unless I manage to delete everything, or move something so far off the page it’s on someone else’s Blog, I should have something I can be proud of. 🙂

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