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Welcome to my Blog!

For aaaages now I’ve been trying to get a Blog going. People suggested more fiber, but that made no difference. However, I finally got round to putting some things together, and with the help of Peter at Westwords Consulting, I now have the foundation of a Blog. It’s main purpose is to showcase my portfolio of Illustration work, although, I have a feeling there are going to be many random, un-art-related posts about caterpillars, verbally accented challenges at the Drive-thru and ridiculous puns where I think I’m being hilarious. I’ll try to stay focused though, I promise.

I’m in the process of trying to unload images to my Portfolio page, so bear with me. But, soon, very soon, there will be lots of pretty pictures to take a gander at. Stay tuned!


  1. Chris says:

    Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  2. Janette Louden says:

    It’s like ‘Atmosphere’, but without Russ Abbot.

  3. Hello Janette.

    Welcome to blogging heaven! So glad you have set this up so I can share your talents with others.

    I have had a blog site for a few years, really for myself to record our Airstream adventures. I really must update it. Getting a little lazy on that one.


    Caroline x

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